Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chrome As PDF Viewer

     Are you tired of waiting for Adobe Reader to load to open your PDF files? Are you afraid of Adobe Reader's flaws and vulnerabilities? One of my favorite parts about Chrome is its built in PDF viewer!! Well you can use Chrome as your new light weight PDF viewer. You probable know Google Chrome opens really quickly so you'll be about to open PDF files faster than you would in Adobe Reader with most of the features you will ever use. I uninstaller Adobe Viewer and have been using Google Chrome's PDF viewer since it was launched and i'm extremely happy with it; so there you have a simple, lightweight PDF viewer. The video below will show you a simple way to make Chrome your default PDF viewer!! =D


  1. Thanks for the tutorial! Btw where did you get that bad ass wallpaper from?

  2. i can't find the website got it from but i found it on this website =D